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If I list my home, how long will it take to sell?

Posted by Gary Jordan Jr. on April 19, 2016
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If I list my home, how long will it take to sell?  No real estate agent can tell you for sure how long it will take to sell your home. The market continues to change daily. An agent who is in touch with the market and his colleagues should know some key information about that question.

1) Is there a shortage of inventory in your area? If yes, then your home could sell faster since there is less to chose from.

2) Are their Buyers? In some cases, based on the time of the year, weather conditions, cold, hot climates there could be less Buyers.  In Maine it is normal to see fewer buyers in the market place during winter months although is can normally be the best time to purchase a home.

3) What is the price of your home? Pricing your home correctly is a key factor to selling it.  Do not think pricing it above the market value will bring in a Buyer, many studies have been done showing that this is not the case and your home could sell it for less.

4) What does the job market look like in the area?  Large plant closures normally have a major impact on communities and people coming into the area to buy homes. You need to think what else in your area brings people in and market that.

5) What is the condition of your home?  Home Buyers may not want to put the added work into a home for repairs or updates.  Based on the lender and type of loan, it may require that the repairs to the home be done prior to the Closing?

6) Have you ever heard of location location location?  That could have a big impact of the time-frame to sell your home. Be aware of your location just because you have been living there does not means everyone wants to.

No matter how great the condition of your home is, location has a massive impact on selling.  No agent knows for sure how many days on the market it will take to sell your home, but the better condition your home is in, if it is clutter free, and if priced correctly you should be in a good position to sell. I hope this was helpful?

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